far cry 4 day 1 patch 686x385 Far Cry 4 mit Day 1 Patch released

Das lange Warten hat ein Ende. Far Cry 4 ist nun offiziell veröffentlicht worden und schon am 1. Tag stellt Ubisoft über Uplay/Steam bzw. die jeweilige Konsolenplattform einen umfangreichen Patch bereit, der einige Probleme behebt. Ubisoft legt den Spielern nahe, diesen Patch umgehend zu installieren.

Der Patch für PC-Spieler beinhaltet ein paar mehr Fixes, weitere Infos findet ihr in den folgenden Patchnotes.


  1. Stability & performance
    a. Fixed some random crashes on all game modes
  2. AI
    a. Fixed various edge case animation issues
    b. Fixed various edge case detection issues
    c. Fixed missing VO for edge case reaction issues
  3. Matchmaking, connectivity & replication
    a. Fixed matchmaking edge case issues
    b. Fixed host migration random & edge case issues
    c. Fixed join-in-progress edge case issues
    d. Fixed various replication issues between host and clients
    e. Fixed edge case replication issues with systems
  4. Menus and HUD
    a. Fixed various edge case menus and pop-up overlap issues
    b. Fixed Mission objectives & updates issues
    c. Fixed Coop specific pop-up updates issues
    d. Fixed few localization issues (cut-off text, subtitles)
    e. Fixed progression displaying 100% too early in progress tab
    f. Polished tutorial images
  5. Mission tweaks (campaign, coop & side content)
    a. Fixed various low repro walkthrough breaks
  6. World & 3D
    a. Fixed various texture issues
    b. Deleted some rare floating objects
  7. Rendering & Graphics Features (PC Only)
    a. Fixed rendering features not available under certain configuration
    b. Fixed multi-monitor display issues
    c. Fixed multiple visual artifacts; added SLI support
  8. Inputs & Controls (PC Only)
    a. Fixed mouse cursor and keyboard functionality
  9. In-Game map editor
    a. Fixed some graphical corruptions
    b. Fixed some edge case issue with maps upload